Hindu Dharma Basics

Being a Hindu in America

Being A Hindu in America - Challenges and Solutions is a presentation that covers severall topics including: Ten Attributes of Hindu Dharma; A Balanced View of Life; Four Ashrams; Four Purusharthas; Organization, Thre Gunas, Discipline and Regularity in Life.
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Hindu Festivals

Hindu festivals are an exuberant expression of enjoyment (Kama) and prosperity (Artha) bounded by duty (Dharma); Festivals are a defining hallmark of the Hindu Civilization. Festivals remind us that: Every day is sacred. Every moment is sacred. Every object is sacred. Every being is sacred. Because we are all part of that One Supreme Being. Festivals are fun!
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Essentials Of Hinduism

Hinduism is the term often used for Hindu Dharma. The ancient name for Hinduism is Sanatan Dharma or Vedic Dharma. Whosoever wants to be a Hindu and follows the basic tenets of Hindu Dharma can be a Hindu. It is all-inclusive. The word “Dharma” is derived from the root “dhri”, which means to integrate, to uphold, to sustain. Dharma is the natural law; the law of being that governs this entire universe and all its components. Thus Dharma means ‘that which sustains you.’
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Living as a Hindu

All of nature is governed by regular cycles, so should our lives.  What do you do when you get up in the morning? How do you start your day? What should be your daily routine as a Hindu? What are the essential things one must do? Importance of routines, keeping a regular schedule.
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