Appeal: Donations to help the victims of Louisiana Flood

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Appeal: Donations to help the victims of Louisiana Floods

VHP of America in Action

August 21, 2016


     Louisiana Floods Devastation      

  The flooding hasn't necessarily stopped.

It's been six days since the water started to rise in the Baton Rouge area, and while the flood has receded in several parts of the state, it is actually still getting worse in others.

The state is still dealing with rising water in southern Ascension Parish as well as St. James, Acadia, Jefferson Davis and potentially St. John the Baptist. The state still has to deal with search and rescue missions, albeit on a smaller scale.

Over 4,000 people are still in shelters, but the number has been dropping. Longer-term, temporary housing hasn't been sorted out yet. The governor believes lack of media attention has led to fewer donations.

VHP of America requests your kind contribution to help the victims and their family who are affected by this devastation. VHP of America will work with appropriate agency to ensure that the donated funds only be used to help the victims of the flooding disaster in Louisiana.

        Fiji Cyclone Disaster   

VHP of America has extended their help with volunteers to help in Katrina and 911 disasters. We raised and donated large sum of funds to the victims of Katrina, 911 attack, Haiti earth quake,
Fiji Flood victims, Japan earth quake, Gujarat earth quake, Hurricane Sandy, Kashmir floods and numerous other disasters. We could not help the victims of these disasters without your generous contribution. We appreciate your contribution and spreading the word to raise funds for the victims of this devastating flood disaster in Kashmir, India.




Please contribute generously. Your donations are tax deductible

Visit and click the link Louisiana Floods Relief Fund

You can use your Visa, MasterCard or Discover card for your contribution.


Or Make check payable to VHP of America and mail it to:


VHP of America, P. O. Box 441505, Houston, TX 77244-1505

VHP of America Inc. is a 501(3) (C), non-profit, tax-exempt volunteering organization and the organization helps needy people regardless of their race, religion, color, ethnicity, or gender. VHP of America Tax ID# is 510-156-325.



Thank you.

(Girish M. Gandhi)


Vice President, Seva



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