Heritage Series


Heritage Series- a compact disk (CD) for every Hindu home

VHP of America proudly presents Heritage Series CD, a collection of Shlokas for daily use, prayers and songs that will inspire spirit of nationalism and unity.

The CD is especially useful for children and young adult growing up in the USA as the meaning of Shlokas is explained in lucid English. Shlokas to be recited in the morning, at the time of taking meals, at bedtime, etc. are included.

One of the highlights of the CD is a thrilling rendition of Vande Mataram, the song that has inspired millions over the years.

Smt. Kavita Paudwal, the devotee with melodious voice has lent her voice for this CD. Smt. Anuradha Paudwal has blessed the CD by rendering one song.

Many people find this as an ideal gift on a number of occasions. Birthdays, graduation, going away to college, marriage, etc. are ideal times for presenting the Heritage CD.

Note: Additional shipping charges apply for Hawaii, Alaska and other countries. Please send an email to: vhpa.office@gmail.com for getting exact price quote.

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