Dharma-The Global Ethic

Dharma-The Global Ethic  -  by Justice M. Rama Jois

This is a scholarly monograph on the concept of Dharma, the basic note of the Hindu religion. The concepts of Dharma, Karma, Bramha constitute the tripod of Sanatana Dharma (Hindu Dharma), which is Anadi (beginningless), Anantha(endless), and therefore Sanatana(eternal, everlasting). With its rich connotations, Dharma is not translatable to any other language. This article is written by Sri Rama Joise. He deals with this subject thoroughly, using the explanations given in from the Vedas, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Manusmurti, the Arthashastra, the Hitopadesha and the Rajatarangini


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