Youth Activities

Bal Vihars

What's in a Bal Vihar?

The Bal Vihar provides an opportunity for our children to discover their cultural bond with Bharat and develop pride in their Hindu identity.
It is open to children 4 years and above
The Bal Vihar is a weekly 2-3 hours program (or bi-weekly depending on the local needs).


What's in a Youth/Family Camp?

Youth Conferences

What's in a Youth Conference?

Youth conferences enable participating youths to mull over issues relating to the presence of duality in their cultures.

Each conference has sessions, which facilitate youth-youth as well as youth-adult dialog.

Special care is taken to ensure that youths express their concerns without inhibitions, especially in those sessions that are solely for them.

Youth for Seva

Seva activities for youth in Bal Vihars and College campuses.


Coalition of Hindu Youth (CHY)

The Coalition of Hindu Youth (CHY) is an umbrella organization among Hindu youth and Hindu youth organizations to foster unity and share resources. In the long run, the purpose of CHY is to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of Sanatan Dharma by uniting the Hindu youth.

CHY, like HMEC, is a project of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council) of America.

For more details visit CHY Website:

Bal Vihar Network (BVN)

Bal Vihar

For details on VHPA Bal Vihars please visit:: Youth Actvities Bal-vihars

Bal Vihar Network (BVN)

Youth Books

(A mail order facility for books in English)

Amar Chitra Katha - These books in comic book format are entertaining. Many provide biographical information also. Some titles, e.g. Mirabai, Sudama can be paraphrased to children as young as 4. Others, e.g. Vikramaditya have more complex themes and are more suited to ages 11 and above.

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